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Beyond Dreams

Burning flower by *aysegulayanoglu on deviantART

Burning Flower

Burning flower by *aysegulayanoglu on deviantART

Morning Trip

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Welcome to Meyyale's World

I have been learning English for almost seven years. That is why, I wanted to create a blog to share my experience about learning the English Language with people from all over the world to be able to help them. I like travelling and taking photos. I would also like to share my pictures and the videos I take in places while I am travelling. If you want to see my pictures and videos you can visit Meyyale's Pictures.
If you visit this blog, I am sure you will get some useful information.I hope you like it. I have also some videos from my travels in my YouTube account. I think you would love videos if you visit. (Just click on 'Youtube')
Ayse Gul Ayanoglu

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Ayse Gul Ayanoglu

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TEFL Diary Day 1

TEFL Course Day 1
My Tefl course has started today. It has taken place in a school called Saint Georges International. I was late for the first lesson because of not being able to sleep last night. I was so nervous about the course as well as I was excited. I had finally had a place in a Tefl course after studying hard to learn the English language. It was amazing!

When I arrive there in the morning, they had already started. The first lesson was about warming and welcoming us to the course and she was giving given some information about the course. There were 14 people in the class. Few of them are foreigners like me and others are English. We were divided into groups of three people to get to know each other and to tell each other a bit about us and about why we want to take the Tefl course. Soon we warmed to each other as we did warm to the lesson. Before she finished the lesson, she had divided us into three groups and gave us our teaching practice arrangement papers and school time table. We will work together as a team and help each other till the end of the course.

After having half an hour break new lesson begin with another teacher called Barney. He gave a lesson about how to teach vocabulary. We learned the stages of teaching vocabulary and also what to consider when we are choosing words to teach students. It was a pleasant lesson and we all liked him.

We had forty five minutes break and another lesson began afterwards. Its subject was 'Preparation for Teaching'. It was guided by one of the teachers called Steven. We were going to start our first teaching session at half past three. That is why we had this lesson and him to help us how to prepare our lesson plan. First teaching was going to be meeting our students. We were going to play games, for that reason we were given a warmer activity paper to choose some games to play with them. We prepared for it for two hours.

Before half past three, we went to our classroom in which we were going to teach and made arrangements there. We had four students and a teacher who was going to observe out teaching. We started with a ball game to get to know our names and nationalities. First person who had the ball said their first name and thrown the ball at another person and after each of us did the same thing, the ball game finished. After that all of us explained their games and students played them.

After the lesson the teacher who was observing us gave us some feedback. She told us where we did mistakes and gave us nex lesson's topics. Each of us chose one topic to teach next time.

Ayse Gul Ayanoglu

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